Starting out mainly as a demo recording facility, our studio has become capable of tackling large-scale production. Located in Malmö, we can offer services such as instrument tracking, reamping, mixing and mastering. While not having any formal “sound engineering” paperwork, we do have years of firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of our gear.

We believe in working very close to the band, in order to achieve the best possible results as a team. The production process will be unique and will differ in each specific case, in order to best suit the requirements of the artist. In the past we have worked with bands such as Coffin Creep and Nazgûl, for a point of reference.   

In addition to our know-how, you as a client will get access to our arsenal of ampheads, cabinets, combos, a wide range of effect processors and microphones. We do offer instruments, but preferably the artist brings his or hers personal instrument.

We do not have a set price list. All prices will be discussed individually, and will be decided on a case to case basis. Again, we believe in working close to the band and prices will depend on the demands of the band. Please get in touch with us, describe your project and ideas, then we can give you an estimate based on your needs.