About Unearthed Production

“Unearthed Production is an underground label specializing in Black and Death metal. Recording, production and distribution all under one roof.”

Formed in 2017, located in Malmö, Unearthed Production is a wholly independent label focusing on Black and Death Metal. Our ambition is two-fold: to facilitate physical releases of extreme metal acts and artists. And secondly to assist in the creation of records by offering our studio, gear and know-how.

Main focus will always remain on pressing physical copies of the artist’s work, and to release it on our label! By being involved in both the production and distribution of the music, we can offer our clients full control over the supply chain. Thus eliminating any middle-men and, of course, keeping things cost effective. This enables us to provide our clients with a competitive offer, based wholly on the needs and wishes of the artist.

Support the underground!
We are happy to distribute releases by other labels. We view the sharing of albums as a great part of the Black and Death Metal scenes. So if you are an artist, have a band or label/distro, don’t hesitate to contact us!